Invite people into your life who are willing to own their humanness People who are courageous and vulnerable that they stop and receive and feel Your human fragility when you express your hurt and your pain and your confusion Courageous enough to feel how it makes them feel Shame, guilt, horror, humility People who apologise […]

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I am going through one of those purification times. Where unintentionally it is ripping through my life to make room for the new growth. Moments are excruciating as I integrate my experiences. Grief waves and shock. The ruminations of the mind turning every stone to understand fully the complexities of what has come to pass. […]

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The excruciating beauty of loving another fallible human being So exquisite the breaking of our heart in such a sacrificial act It is the inevitable Death I rally blindly and curse and blame When the cracking happens Open in my heart Surrender is the only way to survive This brutal Love this Enlightenment Into Truth […]

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It is always speaking

That truth you know within. Coming through dreams and feelings and conversations overheard in snippets. Passing remarks that resound like loud speaker in your ears to stop time in that moment. Pause to feel, a sudden stillness as if all life plays statue with you so you can hear and see that message without any […]

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I am writing a blog…and as I begin, it lands. You left me. That’s what it was. I understand it now. And I am still here. Fear. When we face our ultimate self and the possibility of really being loved, when we weren’t when we needed it the most, terrifying. Even unconscious. I got it. […]

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I have been called a warrior over this recent time. Receiving high compliment from a few I have met who see who I am and the path I walk.. It is bestowed upon me with praise of courage, fearlessness, Truth and the almighty Light. Warrior is a person who goes to war. The word origin […]

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